Becoming a pistol shooter

Interested in becoming a pistol shooter?

If you wish to have a look at pistol shooting then by all means pop out one Sunday to meet some of the other shooters at the club and to see what happens (bring a set of ear plugs or muffs).

Note: because of the law we can’t allow you to shoot at this point.

When you have decided to proceed then you can make an appointment to do a safety course (fee applicable) on the range one Saturday morning.

You will at that point be asked to fill out a form from NSW Police (Form P650) a temporary exemption from licence, this will allow you to shoot for a 4 week period using the club pistols.

The P650 form is available for download on the NSW Police website, please have a look at that form online to save any embarrassing moments when you are asked to fill it out.

At the end of that 4 week period, having attended some shoots under supervision, you will be asked to decide if you wish to join Lismore Target Pistol Club as a member.

On becoming a member you will apply for your Provisional Pistol Licence on which you can participate (under supervision) for a 6 month period once again with the club pistols.

At the end of that 6 month provisional period, you can apply for your full licence and start looking to buy your own pistol which must be of the type and calibre used on our range.

To maintain your licence you must attend the range and have a minimum number of scores registered to meet Firearms Registry requirements. These are 6 scores for one calibre type or 4 scores for each calibre type if you have more than one pistol, so for an air pistol and a .22 and a centrefire (3) pistols you will need a minimum of 12 scores in 12 months.

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